1. Beach Casts and Coral (Glass wax on wire)
  2. Spores (Wool on wire)                                                                                                                 

'Choke'  is two contemporary jewellery pieces made to illustrate the effect our jewellery production has on our environment. The first was made using casts I produced with coral and other various things found on the beach to represent the impact of the coral trade on our ocean and it's ecosystems. The second is made from itchy woollen pompoms to represent spores as an example of the nature that is affected. Most of our jewellery (as it has been for years) are inspired by nature and flowers etc, but the production of the jewellery destroys these 'inspirations'. Us killing these 'gifts' of nature for beauty will eventually in turn kill us- hence the reason for the tightness and uncomfortable nature of these pieces. It's simply a 'painful' reminder. 

For the Love of...

I was commissioned through The BRIT School to work with Fashion Designer, Maria Grachvogel for a campaign known as 'for the love of...' by making a collection of badges to represent a love of the environment on valentines day. I worked with two other collegues: Sarah Kayne Ejionye Adigwe and Maya Kulczykowska to develop Maria Grachvogel's badge design and find a way to transform it into a three dimensional badge. The finished product was successful and delivered to various celebrities to be worn on valentines day.