Tanaka Mitsu wrote in her manifesto of how women in Japan are viewed upon as being nothing more than mothers or toilets. Instead of 'whore' or 'slut' the word here is 'Kyodo Benjo' meaning public toilet- nothing more than a hole for men to empty their bodily fluids into. In almost every historical print or photograph, the only women presented were either Geisha, Oiran/Taiyu or a mother surrounded by her children.  Whilst Geisha are not in fact prostitutes, their lives are dedicated to entertaining men, and are not allowed to be anything more than that. My research scarily supported Tanaka Mitsu's statement. This piece is to emphasise the way women are treated in places you may not usually think of. Gender equality is important, but it's still in so many countries unconsidered. 



Obie Show, The BRIT School 2016 (-Won Fine Art Prize)